Data Protection for HealthTech, FinTech, and IoT

What is Authcore

Authcore is an identity-centric encryption key management system that combines identity management and hardware-protected storage. It takes on the burden of managing the keys and provides secure and scalable encryption key storage and cryptographic services.

HSM-level Security with Software Agility

Authcore uses Intel SGX and creates trusted environments that runs signed applications in a completely isolated enclosure. It protects sensitive data even if servers are compromised, making sure that sensitive data will never fall into the wrong hands.

Identity-centric Security

Authcore provides organizations a tight control over data access policy and prevents unwanted access to sensitive data from anyone, including system administrators and cloud service providers.

Visibility and Auditability

Authcore offers a holistic view on an organization’s data protection landscape, and details about users who access data from any location or device. It helps organizations identify and respond to threats faster.

Compliance Ready

Authcore helps organizations demonstrate that they are in control over their data in the cloud. It assist efforts to meet data residency and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Customer Data Protection

    Authcore lets developers add multi-factor authentication and adaptive access control to web and mobile application quickly and easily. Authcore serves the important but tedious authentication and identity management functions, allowing developers to spend time on creating greater applications. With Authcore’s Key Vault and software development kit (SDK), application developers can easily encrypt sensitive data in their database to prevent data leak.

  • Blockchain Key Management

    Authcore enables users to use familiar login methods such as password, multi-factor authentication to securely log in to an blockchain application without giving control to their private keys to a third-party. Users’ private keys are securely managed by Authcore using the Intel SGX-based Key Vault. The system helps thwart insider threats by tracking and restricting what can be done by privileged users such as system administrators, providing a strong end-to-end protection of blockchain assets. Authcore offers secure key recovery for users to recover their account and keys in case they lose their credentials.

  • Enterprise Cloud Security

    Cloud services offer enormous benefits to enterprises. However, security has become a major concern of enterprises adopting cloud services as the data physically resides with the service provider and out of direct control of the data owner. Further, companies must meet governmental and industry compliance and regulations .

    Authcore provides a centralized access management for hybrid-cloud applications and integration with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) capability in popular SaaS products to encrypt data resides in cloud services. With on-premises key storage appliance, Authcore help organizations to conform with certain regulatory or data sovereignty rules.


Authcore’s highly skilled and certified Security Services team provides the technology and cybersecurity expertise to help organizations build and execute a data protection strategy.