Secure seamless access to everything.

A universal platform for secure and frictionless sign-in. From digital to physical.


Authentication is complex. Let us deal with it.

  • Developer-first

    Rapid integrate with any apps with standard-based protocols and elegant REST API.

  • Beautiful UI Widgets

    Add login and user management functions to your app with little coding.

  • Impeccable Security

    Protect all user accounts with advanced security features. Third-party audited source code.


Enable a fast and secure way for employees to access tools and resources.

  • Boost Productivity

    Connect to all apps and resources by a single sign in.

  • Strong Security

    Enable multi-factor authentication, block 99.9% of account compromising attacks.

  • Effective Management

    Comprehensive usage analytics. Streamline user onboarding and off-boarding.

Fast and Secure Mobile Passwordless Authentication

With our authenticator app Pass, Authcore provides advanced protection without costly hardware tokens.


  • Frictionless Experience

    Improve your app’s sign up funnel with a sleek passwordless experience.

  • Customizable UI

    Add authentication to your apps with little coding, customize to your preference.
  • Multiple Authentication Methods

    Support various methods such as password, multi-factor authentication (MFA), authenticator app and security key.

  • Social Login

    Sign in with popular social platforms including Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub, LINE, WeChat and more.

  • User Management

    Create and manage accounts with a user-friendly admin panel or programmatically via APIs.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Provide both on-premises deployment and zero-maintenance cloud service.

  • Access Gateway

    Secure access to on-prem apps and private networks, obsoleting complex and insecure VPN setup.

  • Open Source

    Open and free for everyone, support the most common authentication needs.

Customer Story


Likecoin, a project which tries to reward creative contents via blockchain technology, was facing challenges to bring blockchain to everyday users lacking relevant experience.

Users have to pick a wallet before loading any coins. No matter if it is hot or cold, they are far from user-friendly. Having a secure and user-friendly wallet is an essential task for any project similar to Likecoin.

Authcore Vault is the perfect product for Likecoin. It brings hardware-level security to protect private keys which are critical to managing valuable Likecoin and makes Likecoin accessible everywhere, from Apps to any browser. And with its simple and intuitive design, a user could sign up and manage Likecoin quickly and easily.

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